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Global X ETF Model Portfolios provide differentiated exposures, building on our cornerstones of leadership in thematic investing, alternative income, and international access.

What is the Approach Behind Global X’s Sustainable Core Series Model Portfolios?

Chief Investment Officer Jon Maier outlines our approach to the Global X Sustainable Core Series Model Portfolios, which incorporate ETFs that tilt towards sustainability while also...

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Benefits of Model Portfolios for Advisors

Outsourcing the investment management process may provide efficiencies in the following areas…

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COREDiversified Exposures as a Complete Portfolio Solution

Risk based multi-asset ETF Model Portfolios
Can incorporate values based investing or other key focus areas that are important to the client.

SATELLITEUnique Exposures To Be Combined With Other Portfolios

Single asset and/or segmented ETF Model Portfolios
Thematic Equity - Targeted Market Exposure - Equity Income

Global X ETF Model Portfolios provide differentiated exposures, building on our cornerstones of leadership in thematic investing, alternative income, and international access.

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5 Key Points We’re Looking Out For As We Move Into the Second Half

  1. Is Inflation starting to normalize? We expect the spike in inflation to be transitory. However, key supply chain issues may persist causing pricing pressures in select areas.
  2. As we move into the second half of 2021, we believe the market is looking past the reflation trade to what comes next.
  3. We are following the long and winding road of infrastructure and whether a bipartisan deal can be hatched, or a budget reconciliation solution will be the end game.
  4. We expect the Federal Reserve (Fed) to take center stage as the market looks to pinpoint the expected timing of Fed tapering and the first interest rate increase.
  5. Shifting inflation expectations and the language from the Fed is likely to impact the value of the dollar. Given existing taper concerns, hawkish statements are likely to be met by dollar strength which has implications for both commodities and emerging markets.

Snap Chart: Slightly Improved Correlations for Multi-Asset Portfolios

The 60:40 portfolio is celebrating the return to more normal correlations between equities and fixed income. Typically, equities and bonds have a negative relationship, providing diversification benefits within a 60:40 portfolio. Year to date, the one-month correlation of daily total returns between the S&P 500 Index and Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index has generally been in positive territory. There has been an increased performance divergence between equities and fixed income since the Federal Reserve’s more hawkish statements in mid-June. While a week does not make a trend, this is a correlation worth keeping an eye on due to its implications for multi-asset portfolio management.

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